Notice to parents – July 25, 2016

July 25th, 2016

Dear Parents,

I am writing to provide information to you on the progress MCRC has made since my last update. We continue to ensure our commitment to your children’s’ safety is our top priority.

In my last update, I let you know that we were using the Commit to Kids audit tool to complete an organizational risk assessment. We have completed the audit, and are confident that MCRC was, and is currently, in compliance with all relevant industry standards, regulatory or legislative requirements and internal policies.

Following completion of the audit, we have decided to implement three important enhancements:

  1. Enhanced staff training: All MCRC staff will complete the Red Cross’ Prevention in Motion training now and on an annual basis. Prevention in Motion helps organizations to proactively create safer environments through an increased understanding of abuse, neglect, their indicators and effects on children and youth. MCRC will work with the Red Cross to ensure our enhanced training is tailored to our organization and our process for reporting and addressing concerning behaviours.
  2. Enhanced curriculum: MCRC will work with key organizations within our community to develop and adapt our curriculum to ensure children have the opportunity to learn about personal safety. Extensive research and consultations will be done on this matter to ensure any enhanced curriculum is age appropriate for the children at our facilities.
  3. Enhanced parent education and awareness: MCRC’s Parent Educator will work with our community partners to facilitate and coordinate informative sessions for parents. These sessions will be provided to all parents using programs and services at MCRC through the Early Years Parenting Workshop series.

I also want to assure you that we plan to further engage MCRC parents to be involved in the development of the enhanced curriculum and parent education sessions.

In addition to the enhancements listed above, I want you to know that MCRC has listened to your concerns. We want our families to feel comfortable and secure at all our childcare facilities.

It is for this reason that we are making some proactive changes, despite any legislative requirements to do so. A couple examples of these changes include; the use of float staff and supervisors to reduce one-on-one interactions in sleep rooms as well as staff coming together with their children at drop-off and pick-up time. Also, all window coverings have been or will be removed i.e. the use of paper on the door window at sleep time and any frosted glass impeding
a clear view of offices or classrooms.

Our goal is to continue to ensure a safe, quality environment where your children can play, learn and thrive. Once again, I would like to thank those of you who have provided words of encouragement and constructive advice during this difficult time.


Rebecca Barrows-Vrankulj

Executive Director, MCRC





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