EarlyON Virtual Sessions – Zoom Display Name

It is important that your Zoom display name matches the name you registered with before you join the session. This allows us to ensure that only registered participants are admitted from the waiting room.

Find instructions below on two methods you can use to ensure your Zoom Display Name matches the name you registered with.


Zoom Web Portal

If you’re using a web browser and going directly to Zoom, follow these instructions to change your name:  

Step 1 

Go to zoom.us and sign in to your account, then click on ‘Profile’ in the left side menu. 

Step 2 

Click on the blue ‘Edit’ option to the right of your current display name. 

Step 3 

To change the name, select the corresponding box and type in the desired name. 


Desktop App

If you’re using the desktop app, follow the instructions below. 

Step 1  

Open the Zoom desktop app. Click the blue "Join a Meeting" button.

Step 2 

Enter the Meeting ID from your confirmation email in the first field. Enter your name (as registered) in the second field.

Step 3 

Uncheck the "Remember my name for future meetings" if you want to enter your name before every meeting you join.

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