MCRC has become a SNAP® Affiliate! In partnership with Oak Park Neighbourhood Centre in Oakville, we will be offering SNAP® Boys and SNAP® Girls programs in Milton and Oakville.

What is SNAP®?

SNAP®, which stands for Stop Now And Plan, is an evidence-based cognitive behavioural model that provides a framework for teaching children struggling with behaviour issues, and their parents, effective emotional regulation, self-control and problem-solving skills.

SNAP® is a 13-week program with the primary goal of teaching children and their parents or caregivers how to manage their emotions and behaviours by utilizing strategies to stop, think and plan positive alternatives before acting impulsively.

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Who Should Attend SNAP®?

Children ages 6-11 experiencing behavioral problems at home, at school, with persons in authority, and in the community are referred to these programs. Presenting concerns may include:

  • Physically aggressive behavior
  • Angry outbursts
  • Verbally aggressive or defiant behavior
  • Lacks self-control and problem solving skills
  • Has difficulty making and maintaining healthy relationships
  • Stealing
  • Bullies others
  • Vandalizes or damages property

Does SNAP® Work?

Research continues to show the SNAP® program:

Leads to improved life outcomes for children:

  • Fewer arguments at home
  • Less school violence and bullying
  • More friends
  • Fewer interactions with school principals
  • Improves parent-child relationships and emotional states
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Reduced rates of depression
  • Increased overall happiness
  • Improved self-confidence

Changes development of the child’s brain:

  • Increasing activity in areas responsible for cognitive control and self-regulation


Referrals can be made by anyone at any time.

To learn more and find out is SNAP® is right for your family, please contact:
Jessica Rankin - or 905-876-1244 ext. 254

To learn more about the SNAP® program, its history, research results and more, visit:

Funding of this program is made available through Halton Region's Building Safer Communities in Halton Grant.

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