Period Power Initiative

Menstruation is a natural part of life, and for individuals facing financial constraints, accessing essential hygiene products can pose a significant challenge. In our commitment to inclusivity and equity, we strive to address this issue by providing a range of period products, including panty-liners, tampons, pads, and menstrual cups, through our Infant Food Bank. By offering these resources, we aim to enhance the mental and physical well-being of all individuals who menstruate. The Period Power Initiative is dedicated to promoting equity by ensuring access to menstrual products for those in our local community who are experiencing financial challenges.

Did You Know?

More than 1 in 4 people have struggled to afford menstrual products. 

Every year, thousands of people in Halton Region are forced to choose between basic necessities like food and rent and purchasing safe menstrual products. 

Lack of access to safe menstrual products leads many menstruators to miss work and/or school. 

It costs on average $15 per month to provide menstrual products for 1 menstruator for one month. 

In 2022, we provided 1180 menstrual products to the community, including panty-liners, tampons, pads, and menstrual cups. 

Menstrual Products are also available in MCRC’s public washrooms. 



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Alternatively, you can donate through our Amazon Wish List of needed menstrual products. Click here for easy ordering and delivery right to MCRC. 

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