She Can Create!

Discover the power of art with She Can! and the ACT Initiative (Artists and Children Together) as we invite you to join our exciting and enriching art-based program!

We welcome self-identifying girls (inclusive of cisgender and transgender) and non-binary youth in grades 3-8 to the She Can Create! program, where we aim to nurture and develop artistic skills using a wide array of art media in open-ended and imaginative ways. Through our program, participants will have the opportunity to explore and engage with various art materials, encouraging them to comfortably share their thoughts, emotions, and ideas through their unique artistic expressions. Come and be a part of the She Can Create! Program, and let art empower your child or youth on a journey of self-discovery, well-being and friendship.

 We understand that every child is unique. She Can! facilitators and ACT artists are dedicated to tailoring the learning experience to cater to each individual's needs and interests.

At She Can Create!, we foster an artistic and empowering environment where self-identifying girls (inclusive of cisgender and transgender) and non-binary youth can create and share their ideas with confidence.

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Learning focuses:
This program embraces four key learning focuses and is tailored based on the needs and interests of the participants in each session.

  • Self-expression: Through art, participants will find a safe and supportive space to articulate their emotions and experiences in meaningful and creative ways.
  • Mental health: Art has been shown to have remarkable benefits for mental well-being. It provides a therapeutic outlet, reducing stress and anxiety, and fostering a positive sense of self-awareness and emotional resilience.
  • Mindfulness: Encouraging participants to immerse themselves in the creative process, promoting mindfulness and a deeper connection with their artistic endeavors.
  • Social connection: Art has a unique ability to bring people together, fostering bonds and creating a sense of community. Participants will have the chance to collaborate, share ideas, and support each other, fostering meaningful social connections throughout the program.