She Can Lead!

The She Can Lead! Program is designed to empower self-identifying girls (inclusive of cisgender and transgender) and non-binary youth in grades 3-7 to become confident leaders.

At She Can Lead!, we understand the importance of fostering strong relationships within a supportive community to become effective leaders. Through engaging activities like cooperative games, team-building exercises, discussion groups and role plays, participants will have the opportunity to build meaningful connections with both their facilitator and their peers.

We understand that every child is unique. She Can! facilitators are dedicated to tailoring the learning experience to cater to each individual's needs and interests.

At She Can Lead!, we foster collaborative environments where self-identifying girls (inclusive of cisgender and transgender) and non-binary youth can thrive and embrace leadership roles confidently.

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Young girls with backpacks crossing the street near school

Learning focuses:
This program has three learning focuses. While the
program will touch on each one, facilitators will
adjust the emphasis depending on the girls’ needs
and interests.

  • Communication: Guiding our participants in honing their communication skills, empowering them to express their thoughts and ideas confidently, actively listen to others, and engage in constructive dialogues.
  • Team Building: Through a variety of fun and interactive team-building activities, participants will learn to work together harmoniously towards common goals.
  • Leadership Skills: We believe that every individual possesses leadership potential. Our program will help participants discover and cultivate their unique leadership styles, empowering them to lead with authenticity, empathy, and resilience.