ACT – Meet the Artists

Meet the ACT Artists

Georgia Speer-Remes

Georgia Speer-Remes has worked as the Artist Facilitator for ACT Art Club for 2 years.

“I grew up in an artistic and creative family which allowed art expression to be a key factor in creating the person I am today. I love working with watercolour the most although I am thrilled to explore other mediums of art with a sense curiosity and exploration."

Deborah Pimentel

Deborah Pimentel is a part of the Family Fun Programs team and ACT.

“Currently, I am a high school science teacher but if I reflect back on my childhood, I was always creating art in my spare time. Next to Science, Art was my favourite subject in school.

As I got older, my focus shifted towards the Sciences, however, during COVID I had time to re-discover my artistic side. I started a sketchbook and continue to fill it with drawings and I picked up the guitar and started to teach myself how to play.

I was pretty excited to be given the opportunity to share my art experience with children through the ACT initiative. What appealed to me about this program was the chance to work with children in a way that gave them the opportunity to explore their love for art without any restrictions or barriers."

Clara Ziada

Clara Ziada is a visiting Artist with ACT from ArtHouse and is co-facilitating She Can Create: Our Milton.

"My name is Clara Ziada. I am an Architectural Designer by day. I graduated with my Bachelors and Masters in Architecture from the University of Toronto. Outside of architecture, I am very involved in my community and I seek to empower youth -being one myself. I volunteered for ROOTA, a non-profit organization that helps alleviate poverty and provides education for the garbage collectors of Zabaleen, Cairo. Moreover, I continue to serve the youth at my local church community with compassion and dedication. In 2016, I initiated the art program with Arthouse with its first and long-lasting collaborators being the Halton Multicultural Council. I am excited for the new bond created with the MCRC and the engagement of youth with design and architecture."

Riane Leslie

Riane Leslie is a She Can! Facilitator and works alongside ACT Artists for She Can Create!

"I was born and raised in Milton and am happy to call it my home! I am excited to give back to my community and get to know those that will be a part of the future of Milton

I graduated from McMaster University in Health Studies, specialization in Mental Health and Addiction. I am very passionate about mental health work, inclusivity and acceptance.

In my spare time I love to read, listen to music, spend time in the outdoors (minus mosquitos!), hike and travel. I love to be creative and try new things with photography and journaling.

I look forward to contributing to a safe and comfortable environment and getting to know those in the She Can Create! program."


Ashley Tanchez

Ashley Tanchez is ACT's Student Artist.

"I am a third year student majoring in Studio Art and English at the University of Guelph, and this is my second year at MCRC! I have loved art since I was first introduced to it as a toddler and love sharing my passion for creating with kids."