Nutrition – Child Care Centres and Nursery School

All snacks and meals served in our early learning and child care centres and nursery school programs are prepared on site in our fully equipped kitchens.  Our cooks are certified in safe food handling to ensure that all health and safety requirements are maintained.  A nutritious lunch, as well as a morning and afternoon snack are provided, and all programs follow a 4-week rotational menu.  Menus are planned and developed following Canada’s Food Guide and are reflective of family and cultural preferences.

Our cooks provide home cooked meals using quality ingredients including fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, meat and fish.  Processed foods are avoided, and all of our locations strive to be nut free zones.  Children with dietary needs including allergies or religious requirements will be accommodated.  When there are severe food restrictions, the Supervisor will meet with the family to discuss specific needs and adapt the menu accordingly.

To ensure the use of fresh, local ingredients where possible, our menus change seasonally for the fall/winter and spring/summer months.