Fill a Crib

MCRC's Fill A Crib campaign was created as a way to further provide our Infant Food Bank and Period Poverty Initiative with essential supplies to support local impoverished, at-risk, and vulnerable families. Now more than ever before we are looking to the community for your help, with food insecurity and inflation on the rise Milton Families are looking to the Infant Food Bank for basic infant essentials.
Milton is the fastest growing community in Ontario, with a population of over 125,000 people we can expect that our numbers will continue to increase each month. It has been reported that Milton has the highest-level proportion of working poor population as well as the highest poverty rate in children in all of Halton. We need your help now more than ever!
To keep the shelves full for the 120+ babies and children seeing the Infant Food Bank each month we need the support of the community to help to fill as many cribs as possible with essential infant supplies and menstrual products.
Thank you to everyone who helped us surpass our goal of filling 50 cribs between November 29, 2022 and January 13, 2023!

MCRC 2023 Fill a Crib wrap up infographic with MCRC 25th anniversary logo