Palette to Pandemic

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Join She Can! and the ACT Initiative (Artists and Children Together) for an exciting four week program.

Art and creativity are strong ways in which humans can express in order to makes sense of and reflect on the elements of life and being human during a pandemic.  The ACT initiative ( is creating a virtual gallery to allow children in the community an opportunity to share their deeper reflections on the pandemic through art.

In this 4-week session, girls in grades 5-7 will explore acrylic painting with an ACT Artist. They will learn the techniques of acrylic painting and will build confidence in using this art material in order to express their feelings about the pandemic. The participants will have the option to then submit their art pieces to be featured in the pandemic gallery.

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Distance education concept. Covid lockdown. Caucasian girl learns to draw online during self-isolation.

Program Details:

  • For girls in grades 5-7
  • 4 Weeks
  • Virtual - Mondays at 2PM-3PM starting August 9
  • In Person- Wednesdays at 1PM-3PM at 410 Bronte St. South starting August 11th 
  • Free of charge!
  • All program materials and supplies are provided

Registration is now closed!