Preparing for Kindergarten Archive

Preparing for Kindergarten Archive


Week 1

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Learning Through Play Resources:

How Does Learning Happen Document 

The Kindergarten Curriculum from the  Ministry of Education website 

An overview of the Kindergarten program from the Ministry of Education as well as other helpful information for parents 

Activity Ideas for Practicing Literacy and Numeracy Skills 


Week 2

Self-Regulation Videos

Self-Regulation—Ministry of Education:

Why do we lose control of our emotions:

Just Breathe Video:

Controlling Emotions for Kids:

Self-Regulation Song:


Week 3

Week 4

Routines Resources


Ready, Set, Go!  Halton Region resources for routines 

Preparing for school with routines – Ministry of Education 

Morning Routines for School Days 

Week 5

Skill Building for Kindergarten Resources


Building Literacy Skills before Kindergarten

How do children become ready for school? Learn how school readiness begins at birth.

What about dual language learners?  Do I speak English or our native language to my child?

Math readiness tips and activities

Week 6

Being Prepared for the First Day Of Kindergarten


Food Information:

Separation Anxiety Handout:

Erinoak Preschool Communication Check Up Too & Preschool Speech and Language Resources:

Eye See, Eye Learn Program

Ready, Set, Go – Halton Region Kindergarten Preparation Information

Books you can read to your child:

  • The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penny
  • The Invisible String by Patricia Karst

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