She Can Choose!


The She Can Choose! program focuses on the power of choice each of us has. A variety of hands on and group experiences will teach and reiterate the power of choice – choosing to be healthy, choosing to do the best you can, choosing to be accountable, choosing to celebrate what makes you unique.

Girls will develop stronger communication skills and learn how to recognize stress and healthy ways to respond to stress. These skills are essential for healthy decision making and resisting negative peer pressure. Real life scenarios and role play will allow girls to think through how they could respond when feeling pressured in a social setting. This program is designed for girls ages 10-14.She Can MCRC Logo


Four teenage girls having fun piggybacking outdoors







Learning focuses:

This program has three learning focuses. While the
program will touch on each one, facilitators will
adjust the emphasis depending on the girls’ needs
and interests.

  • Communication
  • Stress
  • Peer Pressure