Sponsor a Girl 2024

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All funds raised through All 4 Her will go directly to supporting MCRC's She Can! programs. She Can! programs are free, accessible programs that are girl centered and designed to empower and uplift girls in our community. 

We are fundraising so that we can expand our She Can! programs and reach more girls in our community. In 2024, we want to increase the number of girls in our programs to 1000 and offer programs to support mental health and wellness.

After participating in a She Can! program: 

  • 88% of Girls reported a significant increase in their sense of belonging and connection to their peers 
  • 89% of Girls reported having a greater understanding of their moods and feelings and have developed coping strategies for regulating their moods and feelings 
  • 82% of Girls reported a significant improvement in understanding the challenges girls face, and a stronger ability to address those challenges together. 
  • 82% of Girls reported a significant increase in their knowledge, skills and ability to address challenges they face 

You can support She Can! by Sponsoring a Girl with a one-time donation, donating to Team She Can! or by signing up to make monthly donations. 


Sponsor a Girl by making a $250 one-time donation, that enables one girl to attend She Can! camp for one week.

Make a donation to the 2024 All 4 Her She Can! Team to help them meet their fundraising goal!

Sign up to make a monthly donation and support She Can! programs in reaching 1000 girls and gender-diverse youth in 2024.